7" Goncho Stainless Steel Stack Kit

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Product Description

7" Goncho S/S Stack Kit Includes;

2 Goncho Top Stacks- Length is 120" & You cut off at the bottom what you would like your height to be!

2 Rod Pickett (90 Degree) Elbows- They are 7" on both ends. OR 2 OEM Elbows that reduce to 5" to go under cab (Y- Pipe NOT Included with OEM Elbows)

7" Y-Pipe that reduces to 5" towards the turbo.

7" Clamp Kit that includes;
2- 7" Band Clamps
4- 7" Cab Mounts
Pack of 8 Bushings

**Freight is included in this price.** **In-Store Pickup: takes $200 off of price.**

For Bolt, Washer & Nut Kit- USE Part number 'BOLTKIT'

For IN-STORE Pick up- Use Coupon 'PICKUP' for discount.

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